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Quoting mediadogg:
Well my comments were genuine. The MS interface to the scheduler is horrible. That's probably why most people don't use it, even those of us that know about it.

The other perspective I have is selfish. If you do this, I can scratch two "plugins in planning" off my list.

One you know about, XMLSpy. The other has been on my list for a long time, but never got much further - an "OnEvent" mechanism inside DVDP. Basically it would be a way to do things based on triggers, including time. If you make your tool, there probably wouldn't be enough additional value to either of those planned plugins, so it would save me tons of time and grief.

Now if there were a way to send DVDP a command directly, without using virtual keystrokes such as  AutoIT ... stay tuned.    It is in testing. I've learned my lesson. Won't even release a Beta until it has been thoroughly tested, and this one has no GUI.

I have looked into this and there are some possibilities.
EVENT_ID is only really useful for doing something after an event is triggered. (I use this in my plugins to populate things on events like DVDSelected gets UPC and Title etc.)
EXECUTEACTION Sounds like a good thing, but need to work out the mechanics of it
TRIGGERMENUITEM This can be used to trigger any of the builtin Profiler menu items.
RUNCOMMANDFILE You can run the command file any time, not just at startup

I will possibly get onto looking into these over Xmas, as too much on at work. What time I have had to work on things, I have now got all my plugins working / compiling under XE10.2 Tokyo.
While combing through the Plugininterface file for Pascal I have found heaps of gems, like searching the online DB, and the ability to interface with Custom Data.

Just had an idea, you could have a 'sidebar' that has all your commonly used menus at your finger tips.
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I will keep using this, even if the worst happens.
What other offerings have an API that allows users to create their own plugins?

So if for some reasons out of Ken's control, this folds at least I can still use the program and add profiles from scratch.
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I have been following this with interest.
I see that people have finally seen the light and gone to a real compiler. (Only kidding  ).
I have been using Delphi since V5 and am happy with it. All my Profiler plugins are written in Delphi (Pascal).
I just like pascal as any form of C seems to be 'weird' to me. Code not easy to follow for my tastes. But then again I have learnt enough of the various C's to convert to Delphi.
Currently using 10.1 (Berlin).
Love the idea of cross-platform in that one code base that compiles to any platform. Only gotcha is that you have to buy a developer license to be able to use iOS devices. But have got around that by having access to our work Enterprise program. We have in-house programs for our users that we push out via Citrix Xenmobile.

So if anyone needs help with Profiler in Pascal (Delphi), I am willing to assist. Actually most of my plugins are in Delphi 2007 as from about 9 on they switched to Unicode, and some of my libraries I use are not in Unicode. Just have not been bothered to rewrite, find alternatives.

Then again at work I have to use predominantly Powershell for scripting and JavaScript / MySQL (LAMP & WAMP stacks). Now learning Mongo DB.
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I see that native UHD ripping is now out. (I am fortunate to have a couple of 'friendly' blu-ray players in the pc. DO NOT do a firmware update as this removes the loophole to enable ripping.

I have done a few titles, and seems to work OK. Keeps HDR and Dolby Vision intact.
I placed the HDD with them on onto the Oppo, and the picture came up with the HDR / Dolby Vision logo. Also keeps the full HD soundtrack.

I personally would not bother doing this, prefer to own the legit copies. And at 50gig a rip, a lot of wasted space. Only averages 1hr to do the ripping.

OK looks like only the 70 titles that were compromised are covered. But more are being added all the time. I happened to test on 'good' titles. Tryed The Shape of Water, and not supported at this time.
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Just a FYI, I got caught in the HDMI cable fiassco.
I have identical cables from the Oppo to the TV/Yamaha.
4k directly to tv and audio to Yamaha. As I was getting Dolby Vision etc OK I assumed that audio was OK.
Turns out I was not getting full Atmos.
I had to upgrade to new 27Gbs HDMI 2.1 cables (rated for 8k), and now everything OK. Also fixed an annoying issue in occassional dropouts in video while TV 'Renegotiated' HDCP with Oppo.

I tested Atmos setup via an Atmos setup program that I have. Via USB on the Oppo, and all channels present and correct now.
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I cheated and have all my 4k listed on Blu-ray.com. Currently sitting at 84.

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Quoting mediadogg:
Here is idea I am thinking about:

Get this:

And use it as a front end (using HDMI out for audio) to my existing Onkyo audio section.

Looks good, but saw that it only supports 7.1.4 for Atmos and DTSx. Not 7.2.4. Not a biggie, but intersting.
Also I found out from the Yamaha reps that there are two models of each offering, one an audiofile version, but actually inside they are identical. Just a more fancy case for $$$ extra.
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Quoting mediadogg:
I'm about 60% along on my saving for a new 4K receiver. Looking hard at the 9.2 versions of Denon, Onkyo and Marantz. Any opinions welcomed. In another thread, I got some advice on a low-end Onkyo to use as a front-end to the audio section of my venerable TX-NR3008. I'm still considering that option. It's mainly the weight and space issue of having two monster devices. But the Onkyo audio section delivers stupendous sound.

My setup now is using good quality HDMI switches front-ending the Onkyo, my 4K LG TV and my 4K Epson projector. Workable, but complex and sometimes the HDMI handshaking gets screwed up.

Again, any ideas are welcomed, and anybody who wants a good deal on the Onkyo (and I also have an Epson 5020Ube), send me a PM.

I see you are looking at a 9.2. I think you are better to look at least for an Atmos / DTSX system (7.2.4).
Why not future proof to atmos?
Also do not count out Yamaha receivers in the mix. I have one and am very happy with it, plus it has the best on screen menu system I have found. Only draw back was for atmos the amp only drives one set of atmos ceilings, but I picked up a power-amp cheap for the other set (was $2000nz but got for $700nz as the shop was no longer a supplier, and was the shop floor model).
I used to always get Marantz, but now they are just Denon as they were brought out. And they are just not the same now.
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Quoting mreeder50:
You don't need to spend thousands, I bought this receiver about a year and a half ago and it is excellent. I paid $871 with tax and extended warranty, but I see them now for $400-$450. I use all the LG Smart TV options for (Netflix, VUDU, Amazon, YouTube) which automatically upscales everything. I spent many dollars on HDMI cables to have the best throughput possible for my 4K player, PS3, PS4 and Fios cable box. Bottom line is one connection from the receiver to the TV. All the switching is accomplished through the receiver.

I agree, the least cables the better.
I have 1 hdmi from Oppo direct to TV for video and 1 hdmi from Oppo to receiver. So far I have had no issues with syning audio/video going this way. Also all of the other equipment are direct to the amp as well. (Chromecast Ultra, Raspberry PI and Sky box).
But I have 8 cables from Oppo to receiver for 7.1 pure audio output. This goes through the Oppo DACs and when viewing Music material, makes a HUGE difference in quality.
My setup is in such a way that I only have to press 1 button on amp remote to change to HDMI or analogue audio from Oppo. So switching back and forth comparing sound is a breeze.
So give the Oppo (203) a chance, and if you read the various reviews around, it will blow the socks off of the X-box. I went for the 205 to get the better DACs.
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Quoting Ace_of_Sevens:

You can do this. You need WinDVD Pro 12 or other current software that can play UHD and a compatible drive.

I have tried various 4k players, and none of them will open a 4k disk. Have to have right combination of Hardware. I have no issues playing 4k with any of these programs (Have plenty of 4k trailers etc).
Just tried again using Windvd and others, and no go. As far as I can assertain, no players will Decrypt disks presently, as if you can do this on a PC, then should be possible to reverse engineer this and come up with a ripper.
On the Disk ID front, just tried Pacific Rim 4k disk and it found a 4k match in the Database with ID
So if drive can read disk, no issues with getting Disk ID.
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I can read 4k disks fine. Even copy them to HDD. But until someone 'cracks' the potection properly, there is no way to use these files.
From what I read, this would possibly the only way to view them on PC. Looks like the industry (Read Studios in here) are throwing roadblocks in the way. I do not blame them as it is a big chunk of money they lose. And I myself personaly NEVER download movies. I wait for them to appear on disk and buy them. Which is why I am up to 65 4k and growing. And over 3000 all up.
Also there is one 'ripping' program out there, but it is disk specific in that the Russian group involved just grabs the decrypt key for the specific disk used.

EDIT: DVDFab and SlyFox will possibly NEVER offer 4k support. They have come out and said that they are not developing it. I suspect that they 'made a deal' to be allowed to keep doing Bluray but not 4k so the studios would leave them alone. Just my personal take.
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Good luck. I have Blurays capable of reading the disks, but no way to play them yet.

"In order to play UHD Blu-rays, your system must support AACS 2.0 and Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX). You’ll need software to play the disc itself (CyberLink has an updated software solution set to ship in the near future), and a GPU with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 support. AACS 2.0 also has to be implemented within the GPU driver, and no current stand-alone GPU drivers have this functionality. Finally, you need a 4K TV with both HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 support as well.

This is a tall order. No Intel chips before Skylake support SGX, and just owning a Skylake board isn’t enough — many desktop boards never implemented the feature and don’t support it in UEFI. The HDCP 2.2 support requirement is also dodgy, since not every Intel board supports that standard, either.

In theory, the UHD Blu-ray playback situation should be better than the 4K streaming situation, since at least 6th and 7th-generation Core chips are both supported. In practice, it seems to be every bit as much of a muddle and a problem. Support is limited to specific SKUs and motherboards with particular features, and the dependence on integrated graphics for decode support means that you can’t use UHD Blu-ray with any Intel HEDT system (HEDT refers to Intel’s E-class chips — Sandy Bridge-E, Ivy Bridge-E, Haswell-E, etc).

For years, there’s been a push-pull between content pirates and the content production industry, with law-abiding fans generally caught in the middle. For years, the content consumption side of the business has warned that if technology became too draconian, people simply wouldn’t use it. That seems to be the point at which we’ve arrived. Given the snail-like speed of PC refresh cycles these days, 4K streaming support will take 3-5 years to establish itself in the market, while UHD Blu-ray playback may never happen at all, thanks to ridiculously strict requirements that block out entire swathes of the hardware market."
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