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Thanks  to Synermann  and Movieman  for the contribuitons.
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I've decided to stay away from 4k  for a few reasons .. One of the reasons being is the streaming rate for 4k ( i.e. Netflicks) would eat up a lot of of my 1 TB  streaming..

other reasons  is at my age to start building yet another library of  DVD formats..

I mean after  Beta/ VHS/ Laser Disc/ DVD/ Blue Ray ..    I am happy with 1080p
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agree with you all  completely.,,  My point was - I haven't in year and years never come across a Major Oscar title  not being in the database with days to go to release date &  throughout most of the regions .. 

Odd ball , obscure, less than favourite-  titles are still being found on a daily basis .
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Its release date is feb 18 , yet there is no release date on the up coming releases. I can almost count o my hand hoe many times Invelos has failed to mark a release of an upcoming dvd/ blue ray .

Jojo Rabbit (2019)
Jojo Rabbit DVD and Blu-ray release date is set for February 18, 2020 and available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on February 4, 2020.
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found this site

also disabled your anti virus  could also help
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one test to do  is to sign in on another PC  ,  or change the internet browser from  i.e. Google/Chrome to Mozilla Firefox  or  windows Explorer as testing grounds ..

using another PC just to access/maintain  your library ./ .I have my data on three PC  and and one I-phone.. but only use windows PC to update and contribute ..
One of my  PC's is always up to date the other two PC's may be Months out of date..
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I have seen this issue a number of times .. but when I put a disc I own into my DVD-ROM of my windows 10 ( or XP), and I have Invelos profiler up and running the pc will spin the disc in the disc player and then read the disc ID and then automatically find and place the title i nmy data to the right one.. But since changing the BD ROM  ( or changing OS)  I find when I put in a disc I haven't placed for a long time in the tray , I get this message come up- 

"cannot Identify DVD in DV-ROM drive. Add manually to your collection? "
The disc I used for this example ( of many) is the Paul Newman Super Speedway (1997) 
the Disc ID reads as follows :
F0EFDBBF853DB88A  (old original from data )  1997

371A45B077DB90D7 [SPEDDWAY] //  today  (  totally different Disc ID & notice how  the spelling is written)

WHY is this like That ??
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I'm sure this topic has been up before .. -

Looking through my invelos data today and discovered I have ( under Tom Hanks)  28 entries with no DOB ,,  and 31 entries with DOB ( 1956) . 
How to place all together?  I could delete one(28) of the entries  but don't want to loose those entries . would like to make it just one entry of 59 .
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I update my titles at least 3 times a week., and update contributions about every three weeks.
Never have an issue with servers and usually rely on others for cast and crews entries, but have been known to contribute these too.!
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MY profiler updates my library on line to my windows 10... and then I can then further transfer my library/account to my iPhone ..

I use it almost every day and have  never has an issue with either .

It is not a dead product,  except on your end .. sorry to hear .
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are they custom pictures  or the actual dvd cover art?  If  actual ..,  I believe you have to download a second time to get those data base pictures  photos..
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I use Invelos almost every day .. I may not post new subjects to the Forum  or even answer to Older posts.,, ( except today)  .. But I am still here.. 

I also update and transfer my new DVD data base to my iphone  twice a week..
If Ken needs another $29.95  from me  ..,,  no problem..
Lets keep this Invaluable  Program running ..!
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I mostly use my dvd on line collection for the history of watching as well..  Like if someone asked me if I had ever seen ... i.e.  Patch Adams as an example,  I would quickly go to my phone ap.. look it up to see if I own it or  have watched it.. even on cable TV .  If I watch an entire movie I don't own but catch it when I am channel surfing  on one of the many  cable/ streaming sites of  HD titles .,  I try and make it a habit of downloading  the title to my data base and marking it watched ' on such and such a date ' and then  stick it under my wish list.  Even if I  rewatch a title I do own,  but on cable TV I still mark it as 'watched'  -on that date. ,, so the Invelos program itself is a great way to keep these titles/history - UP TO DATE.

I may own a  blue ray of Forrest Gump (to replace my laser Disc) .. I may skim this  DVD title to check quality and physical data for playback..  but not necessarily watch the title at the point of entry to my data .. due to tiime .,,  but the history of the title over say 8 - to 10years  may read 5 or six viewings in total for the overall  love of the title itself..
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Got my first DVD  in Oct 1997 ..  and at about $25.00 each or more ..  My first title ? 
Woodstock  the 225 min version with all  the extra's  etc ..
But when the 2014 BD release of Woodstock was shown to me in which I replaced the #1 dvd in my library.
It absolutely blew away  the older version. the old version was very blurry  and muted colours., The new version has superior bright colours and hardly ANY GRAIN ..
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since your library is on your phone . .I would create a new data base on your PC.. then restore your library back to the data .. IF you are saying you don't have your library in the cloud ( invelos )  only your phone,, you may be hooped .. the iphone/ method was a backup to your data  not the other way around ..

I use my phone dat all the time .. BUT it is taken from my invelos  data  which is uploaded from my PC ..

I have heard that a lot of people are dumping their PC's and laptop software and just relying on their phones.. but that primarily is for email , internet and certain office aps  ( excel/ word /PPoint and Access  not sure if Access or PP can 'generate'  new reports on its own.

I don't think you deleted your on line reports  just kept adding to it..  So therefore:
get to a laptop and/or windows based PC  from 7 to 10 will work fine ..

Then if not installed  Install fresh  if install remove entirely form the PC .. then download the software from the main page   once installed then  log in to your account  .. then "download"  what your account has in its data back to the PC  ..

Next once satisfied that the data is good or near up to date)  go phone data and compare make notes of what titles are missing .. Add the/any  missing titles to your' PC data'  .,  Then 'UPload the data''  back to the data base in in the Invelos 'clouds' ,...   
then completely remove the software and data of your phone  and then reinstall and download the saved data to your Phone .. 

NOW if the Previously online data was corrupt and won't accept any new entrys  by creating a new data base and then saving it ...  should work  in reverse if you now upload back ....
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besides your phone can you log in to your account via windows ..?  what is the amount of titles 2800  or 27?

if 27  are (almost) hooped .,,  if so go back to your 'windows versions' of profiler..

if so there is your current older 2800 titles .. then reload back to the cloud- the full library .. 

once done , restore your data on your phone back to the cloud database ..

Invelos was built for windows XP 7 8 and 10 .  smart phones come  second ..
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good one GSyren! ..,,  ... 
but that site probably has a lot of advertisers etc to track you .. and Invelos is bought and paid for ( in my case 20 years ) . plus- by adding the title to a wish list pops my titles right in line when I open Profiler .. no extra sites involved .
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check to see if it has been marked  ' Adult '  .. ( for the rating )
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what I do  .. is if I watch a film/ movie on Netflick  and want to be able to recall the date I saw it. .
I add the title to my wish list --  and then edit the date in that way..
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thanks for reply back ..
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Happy Birthday Pete!!    same date as my wife's  and Clint Eastwood too ... wanted to ask what size is your flat screen TV Monitor at home ??
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Quoting ObiKen:
The visual image may be striking or empowering, but its the music that stirs the emotions and creates tension.

Even the silent movies of the past had a piano player!

Give me Stanley Kubrick's "2001 - A Space Odyssey" with the music any day!

Done well, film music should be felt, not heard.

I was 18 when I first saw 2001... and from that point on I loved classical music...
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Did you run the Data base Repair  under Tools / Options/ Utilities .. ?
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the contributions for House of Cards first second and third seasons  keeps coming up every time over and over again ... when  I refresh for new contributions.. 

is it stuck .. or is it me???
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There may be some earlier titles these past few months that are not being pressed in DVD format only .,
but just Blue ray and 4k  ONLY ..

anyone know?
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