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Error in Tools/Edit Users/Gifts
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantRichard Baylis
Registered: May 31, 2007
United Kingdom Posts: 4
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When trying to switch to the Gifts tab on the Users dialog, if a title has been indicated as a gift when added the following error is triggered. qryGiftsFrom : Field 'MEDIA_TYPE_ULTRAHD' not found. I can only assume that this field is missing from the query that attempting to list gifted titles creates. In this case, the title for the User I was checking was not a UHD title but a Blu-Ray. I know this because I had only just added the title and indicated it was a gift from a user I had also just added. The error is not triggered if the user has not gifted any titles, only in the list of users from purposes or 'watched by' and / or loans.
I first discovered the error when going through removing redundant users I am not in contact with any more. As I tried to delete one of those historic users, it warned me there were gifted titles and when I tried to switch to the Gifts tab to see which one(s) I got the error.
As there is no filter on the full titles list to see which ones have been gifted, I can't even find it this way and that would be extremely helpful, especially in light of this error. Which, also by the way, I couldn't submit from the dialog. I have no idea what it didn't like in the text of the report I submitted. But when I tried again with just the word 'test' to be able to quote the error code it worked.
But I'm still posting this here in the hope that if the submitted report does get seen it may get viewed in tandem with this error description.
Also, posting in the hope that someone knows a workaround for it. I did search the forums before I posted using the search term 'gift' but came up empty. I know there hasn't been a new build or any progress on a new version since September 2017 and build 1762 for Version 4.0.0 (which is the one I'm running).
Fingers crossed there is a fix for this.
I tried the often mentioned alternative but DVD Profiler generally works well for me; I have all my titles in there already, and the export/import route into the alternative still required a lot of tweaking. So all in all I'd rather stick with DVD Profiler, and like others have mentioned, if there was a cost to a new version with significant fixes and improvements I'd even consider that.
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorGSyren
Profiling since 2001
Registered: March 14, 2007
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Sweden Posts: 4,254
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Yes, it seems to be a bug. I see the same thing.

Good new, bad news ...

The bad news is that it's unlikely to be fixed.
The good news is that you can use ProfilerQuery to find gifted titles.

You can filter on "Received as gift" and then sort the result by giver, or you can filter on "Gift from [name]" and get gifts from a specific giver.

If you're new to ProfilerQuery, do take a gander at the help file. If you have any problems, feel free to ask for help.

PS: ProfilerQuery had a minor formatting error in giver name, so if you have already downloaded ProfilerQuery you might want to get the latest version, 4.8.2.
My freeware tools for DVD Profiler users.
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