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William [L.] McCaughey common name
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William L. McCaughey sound department (sound re-recording mixer)

CLT results:
"William McCaughey" is credited in 53 titles (228 profiles)
"William L. McCaughey" is credited in 59 titles (195 profiles)
"Bill McCaughey" is credited in the following 7 titles (27 profiles)

William McCaughey (29 titles, 26 confirmed)
9 1/2 Weeks (confirmed by huskersports)
American Anthem
Audrey Rose (Confirmed by bbbbb)
Backfire (Confirmed by hallo-marvin)
Blind Fury (Confirmed by Sidrat)
The Bunker (Confirmed by ateo357)
Children of the Night (Confirmed by ateo357)
Coma (Confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
Corvette Summer (Confirmed by MickySpoon)
The Deathmaster
The Deer Hunter*
Demon Seed (Confirmed by ateo357)
ELVIS on Tour (Confirmed by Scooter1836)
Eve of Destruction (Confirmed by Sidrat)
The Goodbye Girl (Confirmed by MickySpoon)
Grandmother's House (Confirmed by Sidrat)
Gymkata (Confirmed by ateo357)
King Kong (1976) (Confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
Logan's Run (Confirmed by bbbbb)
Meteor (Confirmed by MickySpoon)
Nice Dreams (Confirmed by RAPMAN)
Night Shift (Confirmed by T!M)
Nightkill (Confirmed by Sidrat)
A Piece of the Action (Confirmed by MickySpoon)
Racing with the Moon (Confirmed by ateo357)
Red Sonja (Confirmed by RAPMAN)
Return of Living Dead part II (Confirmed by RAPMAN)
Skin Deep (Confirmed by ateo357)

William L. McCaughey (19 titles, 10 confirmed)
1969 (Confirmed by Draxen)
Baby Comes Home
The Big Red One (Confirmed by ateo357)
The Champ
Continental Divide*
Cutter's Way
Dead & Buried (Confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
Endless Love
Friday the 13th Part III (Confirmed by RAPMAN)
The Jerk (Confirmed by T!M)
The Osterman Weekend (confirmed by zwoti)
The Phantom of the Opera
A Streetcar Named Desire
Taps (Confirmed by ateo357)
That's Entertainment (Confirmed by Rizor)
The Wind and The Lion (uncredited, verified by bbbbb)
The Winds of War (Confirmed by MickySpoon)

Bill McCaughey (5 titles, 3 confirmed)
Anatomy of an Illnesss
California Suite (Confirmed by T!M)
Cheech and Chong's Next Movie (Confirmed by RAPMAN)
The Cheap Detective (Confirmed by T!M)
The Villain

*Verified by me
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