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Hooking up my hodgpodge system...
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantRobAGD
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Well some things never change

The Vizio's can be had for around $200 and have been rooted, but the the IR stuff has not been released for developers to tinker with. The newest update to the Vizio breaks root so meh.

The touch Squid is still not out, but that have released their software for standard android tablets to work with the Global Cache Wifi2IR / IP2IR devices. I have been working with them using a Kindle Fire and it has taken a bit of work to get set up ( I am having some odd network issues but as per the usual with me I am the only one having the problem ) but it works and allows very good control.

The app is on the Android market :

Demo App :

Pay App $29 :

IR Capture App $10 :

I have been working with them on getting QA done on the Kindle Fire, and as of right now my system seems to eb most involved of the people that have been beta testing for them.

Been some rough nights ( working 2 jobs ) and working on this as well but that have been very responsive to suggestions and fixing any issues that have cropped up,and i have managed to find more than a few (shocker).

another reason I kind of like this way of doing a remote, is that it over comes the issue of having more than 3 of the 995's ( i have 4 now and maybe looking for a 5th before too long ) With the GC and the wired IR buds I can program the buds to run on codes say 1/2 and 2/3 on 2 of the IR ports and then run 1-3 off the IR blaster ( just have to block IR receivers on the 995's with the IR buds )

I am kinda jazzed about this and Mediadogg has been working on a way to run the GC iTach on a PC with the LoadDVD Pro plugin as well, but is waiting on me to find a proper app for integrating into the system for the plug in to call.

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