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World's Smallest Home Cinema
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorSpikyCactus
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I’m always impressed (and just a bit jealous) when I see some of the lovely home cinema rooms and sets up that many people here (and from other places) have chosen to spend their money and time putting together.  I’m sure when I win the Jackpot on the National Lottery, I too will do something similar.  However, until that day arrives I have to make do with living in a small, one-bedroomed flat in a tatty part of a town in the south of England, on a moderate, charity worker’s wage.  Fortunately, I’m blessed to live in a bit of a modern rarity, a block of flats with decent sound insulation in the walls and floors; I virtually never hear any of my neighbours watching TV, listening to music, talking, arguing, making love or vacuuming, it’s quite spooky really.  With this in mind I was just amusing myself with wondering who has the smallest home cinema room here?  I’m not talking about the portable TV and DVD player in a bedroom kind of thing, but a proper, half-decent set up with all the different bits and pieces.

So, if anyone wants to rise (or at least cramp themselves in) to the challenge, I’ll go first.

My lounge (and I just can’t bring myself to grace it with a more grandiose name) isn’t very big.  In fact it’s pretty small, it measures about 16’ x 9’.  This is MY ‘home cinema’, even though it has to double up as just about everything that’s not a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom too; (although it does do the spare bedroom duty if anyone comes to stay and as I work from home a lot it also enjoys the home-office role too.)

Into this space I’ve crammed over 3,000 DVDs (all displayed and in view in their original cases), plus around 2,000 CDs, 1,200 7” singles, 1,000 LPs and 12” singles, plus an assortment of computer games, cassettes, VHS tapes and other assorted media.  The room also contains eight speakers, a guitar amp and guitar (which I can’t really play), DVD player, Blu-ray player, turntable, video player, AV amp, set top box, 55” TV, ceiling mounted projector and screen.  There’s also a computer desk, large tower computer and monitor, a full-size three person futon, two doors, one window, a coffee table, 7 framed posters and pictures (mostly movie and music related), a wall mounted heater, 22 house plants (mostly cacti), plus (most importantly) one cat, called Penny.  There’re also 14 different lights (okay so I like coloured lights) and ten remote controls, (four for the lights).  The amount of cables and wires I have hidden away ‘behind things’ doesn’t bare thinking about.  There’s a kettle and slightly silly number of alcoholic beverages (it’s a long story) in the adjacent kitchen, to complete the experience.

Despite all this, the set up works for me, (and as far as I can tell for my neighbours too).  The viewing distance to the TV is about 7’ and to the projector screen about a foot more.  The speakers were set up using some fancy little system that takes measurements to compensate for the shape and size of the room and I also use a good pair of headphones when it’s a bit late in the day.  I bought a custom made, black roller blind for the window too, which is great in the summer.

It’s true, I don’t have cinema style seating with individual cup holders in the arms, but if I had any friends I could accommodate two of them comfortably, serve them with home-made popcorn and drinks, and even provide somewhere for them to put them down too.

Any challengers? 
Do you ever find yourself striving for perfection with an almost worthless attempt at it?  Guttermouth "Lemon Water".  Also, I include in my Profiler database VHS tapes, audio DVDs, audio books (cassettes and CDs) and video games (disk based and digital), as well as films and TV I've bought digitally.  So I'm an anarchist, deal with it.  Just be thankful I don't include most of my records and CDs etc in it too; don't think I haven't been tempted...
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Pictures puleeeez!

And that 3-person Futon .... oh yeah .... 
Thanks for your support.
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I could say mine is 3,5 x 2,3m, though its just the part of the living room for the home theater. My DVD's are in the bedroom and CD's in the hallway.

Mine looks like that:

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