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FEATURE: Performance
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorF1Database
Registered: April 7, 2007
Germany Posts: 272
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Don't know how to call it, Feature or Request or Problem.

I just bought a dvd and added it to the profiler on my pc, reassigned the numbers as always and uploaded it to the online collection.

Then downloaded it to my laptop (less than 1 minute) and then started to download it to my smartphone.
After 23 minutes its still download via wifi (100 mbits and 30mbit internet-connection)
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantTom Smith
Registered: March 24, 2007
Canada Posts: 240
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The first download (2500 items) takes time, but I have not seen any long times doing an update.

I created a new entry yesterday (now released), and another today.

Nexus 4
Download from online collection over wifi
One full new profile, and one unreleased with no images.
about 20 seconds.

Nexus 7
Two full profiles from local over wifi
about 22 seconds.
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