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2015 Theater Visits
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30/01 - [b]Into the Woods/b] - Several fairy tales combined into one musical. Not bad, featuring some good songs. It proves again however, not all dialogue lines are fit for singing.
31/01 - Taken 3 - Weakest part of the trilogy.
07/02 - Jupiter Ascending - It was difficult to be drawn into the story. I probably need a second viewing to decide if I like it or not.
20/02 - Kingsman: The Secret Service - A kid gets recruited in a spy organisation. Based on the comic book. Very entertaining.
27/02 - American Sniper - Touching story about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.
27/03 - The Divergent Series: Insurgent - Entertaining, never gets boring. Sadly, the last book will again be split over2 movies. Let's hope they succeed in making it better as the boring drag "The Hunger Games" turned into.

33rd Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller & Science Fiction Films
07/04 - Burying the Ex - A guy wants to break up with his girlfriend. On the way over she is killed by a bus. Due to a spell she returns as a zombie. This causes serious issues, especially since he kinda has a new girlfriend. A bit too goody-goody. In a more extreme version this might have worked better
08/04 - True Love Ways - A girl wants a break in her relationship. Her boyfriend makes a deal for her to be kidnapped, so he can rescue her. It al turns out differently. Takes too long to get started, and the ending doesn't make much sense
09/04 - Automata - The earth has become a desert and 99,7% of the population has been killed. The survivors live in a few cities. Robots do the dirty work. They have 2 protocols. They can't kill humans, and they can't alter themselves. Suddenly, a police officer claims he saw a robot repairing himself. Jacq Vaucan is sent to investigate. Not bad....
10/04 - Turbo Kid - Story about a scavenger kid in a post-apocalyptic world. It had some nice over-the-top gore scenes, but overall the movie was rather bad
11/04 - Robot Overlords - Earth is invaded by Robots and everyone has to stay indoors. When a bunch of kids accidentally find a way to disable their implants they venture outside. Second movie of director Jon Wright who made a nice debut with Grabbers. Entertaining movie but a bit more mainstream and rating friendly.
13/04 - The Dead Lands - Story about the battle between Maori tribes. I never got into the story and I found it somewhat mediocre.
14/04 - Starry Eyes - A young actress willing to do everything for success is being pulled in a secret society posing as a production company. I really liked this one. Alexandra Essoe's performance was quite intense. This one may be too violent for some. But if you like extreme gore and horror, give it a try.
15/04 - The Taking of Tiger Mountain (3D) - Story about the conflict between the PLA and a gang of bandits during the Chinese revolution. The movie lasts 2h20' which is way too long. The first 40 minutes were very slow paced. Then it all became much more engaging. This movie would have benefited from a shorter runtime.
17/04 - La casa del fin de los tiempos - A mother of 2 experiencing apparations in her house, is accused of murder. When she is released 30 years laters, she tries to solve the mystery. A very original plot with intelligent twists. But somehow, I never really got into the story.
18/04 - Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau - Chronicles of the troubled The Island of Dr. Moreau movie of 1996. Very interesting documentary.
18/04 - Stung - Killer wasps mutate in to 7 foot large creatures. Rather dull characters and a boring story. This should have gotten an over-the-top treatment.

18/04 - Fifty Shades of Grey - Never read the books, but with the things I heard, it seems this is toned down to much. Of course this has to appeal the mainstream masses, but I would like to have seen it a bit more juicy.
08/05 - Avengers: Age of Ultron - Spectacular sequel, I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.
23/05 - Tomorrowland - Latest Disney film about a magical place beyond time and dimension. Entertainming movie, but somehow something must be missing. I didn't get an urge to go buy the BD when it comes out.
12/06 - Jurassic World - Amazing visual effects, but somehow, I felt something was missing to be swept away by the story.
26/06 - Terminator Genisys - Very mediocre
25/07 - Pitch Perfect 2 - Not a bad follow up, loved the politically incorrect talk
14/08 - Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation - I really liked this new instalment. Fast paced and very spectacular.
21/08 - The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Not my cup of tea. I would have hoped to have some classic spy atmosphere. It has it's moments, but the story never gets on it's way.
19/09 - Vacation - Not a remake, but an actual sequel where Rusty Griswold takes his family on the road trip he took years ago with his parents and sister. This was much better as I feared, and it was a fun no-brainer.
03/10 - The Transporter Refueled - Not a bad sequel, and Ed Skrein is ok as a replacement for Jason Statham, but not quite in the same league as part 1 and 2.
31/10 - D'Ardennen - Kenny is sent to prison after a failed homejacking. His brother managed to escape. When he is released after 4 years, his brother has his life together. He tries to help his brother where he can, but slowly things are getting out of control...
06/11 - Spectre - While I liked it, it could have been better if it had been 20 minutes shorter. I don't see the need for 2.5 hour Bond movies. Pacing would have benefited...
05/12 - Wat Mannen Willen - Ensemble movie following the love lives of several men. While it had it's moments, the movie lacked overall coherency.
19/12 - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - J.J. Abrams wasn't as innovatory here, as he was with the Star Trek franchise. But it resulted in a very good movie, the fits perfectly in the Star Wars universe.
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reserving a spot

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01/02 - Unbroken: Over the years, I have seen many WWII era movies. All the good ones, including this one, evoke similar conflicting emotions about the ravages of war. I see nothing wrong with remembering exceptional heroism in an inspiring way, that in the end sends a message of peace and forgiveness.
01/05 - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: Endless slaughtering mayhem among various creatures whose names I can't pronounce. Growling and gnashing of teeth, slinging of swords that goes on and on ... (but I loved it!!!). Is this the end, or did I catch a teaser after the battle?
01/13 - Taken 3: You've seen this movie before. Maybe more than once. But not with Forest Whittaker! Totally predictable plot, and crazy action scenes.
01/16 - American Sniper: Poignant with some fine performances. I'm not sure I could watch it again, but the sound was awesome. Good test for my speakers if I get the Blu-Ray.
01/30 - Imitation Game: Must see for anybody that spends a lot of time with computers.
02/10 - Jupiter Ascending (3D): As advertised, stunning digital graphics. Explores a couple of interesting thoughts about human existence, albeit in sometimes a ridiculous context (reminiscent of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy). The 3D effects were old school (stuff flying off the screen - yes, I actually ducked once), but enjoyable. I do plan to buy the Blu-Ray to watch it again, to catch some of the story's nuances I missed. (Edit: I did get the Blu-Ray, and the movie night audience loved it. Sound was awesome. ATMOS, I think?)
02/17 - Theory Of Everything: Offers a brief glimpse into the life and accomplishments of an amazing individual. Well acted. Touching moments. My wife and I both loved it. If you have a Physics background (which I do), it will be even more enjoyable. We just discovered a local theater with $2 and $3 tickets for seniors. Yowza! My Home Theater actually sounds and looks better, but this way I can afford to go see the movie while showing, plus buy the Blu-Ray later, for the same price as seeing it in the better theater.
02/26 - Still Alice: Touching, as you would expect for this type of movie. The cast is better than you would expect, although I don't know if I agree that Julianne Moore's performance ranked higher than the other Oscar nominees. But her many career achievements are certainly deserving of recognition.
03/13 - Run All Night: Liam Neeson has been type cast in his last few movies. But maybe that's why we like to go see them. This movie has all the formula elements on steroids, and a fairly decent family drama interwoven. Yeah, we loved it!
03/18 - Focus: Will Smith and pretty lady in a remake of "Oceans" style movie. Just as corny, but enjoyable enough. There were a few moments, and a couple of plot twists. Formula I racing sounds were great.
03/23 - Insurgent: Great movie. Lots of thunderous noise and 3D effects, but my eyes didn't get tired. Well done. Of course there was the "teen love" aspect - totally superfluous. I still chuckle at the casting of Shailene Woodley as the heroine. Too skinny and gangly to be believable in that role. Shame that Maggie Q is too old for the part, but she finally gets a gun and some fighting in this sequel. Now what if it had been Zoe Kravitz instead ... oh, yum.
04/14 - Woman in Gold: I like all the cast - amazing talent there. But somehow the movie did not rise to its potential, especially since it was based on some very remarkable true events.
04/28 - Ex Machina: The reviews say it will make you think. True, but most of the ideas have been explored in other films. I did enjoy the way music was used to enhance the psychological tension. Some obvious things were telegraphed in order to distract for a couple of surprises. I left the theater feeling like the movie had ended too soon. I wanted more. Hopefully there will be a sequel.
05/03 - Age Of Ultron 3D: I loved - loved - loved this movie. If you believe in superheros and the ultimate triumph of Good over Evil, this movie is for you.
06/13 - Spy:  You probably have to be a fan of American-style slapstick comedy to enjoy this. To us, the movie is hilarious. But even if the humor is not your taste, this spoof on Bond / MI / Taken type of action thriller has more gritty and graphic fight scenes than some serious thrillers. There was one sequence where I think Jackie Chan would  be rolling in laughter at the imitation. It was really funny.
06/21 - Jurassic World (3D): Ok, I fell for the hype. Not much else to say.
07/20 - Trainwreck: I found this hilarious. If you are offended by raunchy sexual and ethnic humour,  then don't bother - otherwise, enjoy! BTW it also a pretty decent "chick flick" love story, etc.
10/20 - The Martian (3D): Good movie. Predictable outcome. Didn't really stir my soul, but it was fun to watch. I wonder if it was ATMOS, cause the sound was great, all around your head. At the end, I realized I was watching the actor more so than the movie. Matt Damon is truly amazing.
11/20 - Spectre:  Full on Bond!!! Go see this and enjoy, because I'm guessing it will be the last. But what do I know. The tradition of "Bond Girls" was carried on gloriously by Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux, both seductively beautiful. As expected, the action was thrilling and non-stop.
12/16 - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2:  Enjoyable, but kind of predictable. I doubt there will be a sequel, but the seeds were carefully planted. Once again the new "all around" sound technology provided a very compelling experience.
12/26 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3D):  Must see for any Star Wars fan. I was not disappointed. Plan to see it at least once more in a theater, and then I will get something digital for home use when it comes out.
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1/17 - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1
1/31 - Strange Magic
3/24 - Home (3D - advance screening)
3/28 - Cinderella
3/31 - Spy (advance screening)
4/04 - Furious Seven
5/10 - Avengers: Age of Ultron
5/23 - Tomorrowland
6/14 - Jurassic World (3D IMAX)
6/21 - Inside Out
7/12 - Jurassic World
7/18 - Minions (3D)
7/21 - Southpaw (advance screening)
8/01 - Ant-Man
8/09 - Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (IMAX)
8/19 - No Escape (advance screening)
9/26 - Hotel Transylvania 2
9/26 - The Visit
9/28 - Everest (3D IMAX)
9/29 - The Martian (3D - advance screening)
10/31 - The Martian (3D IMAX)
11/27 - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2
12/17 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3D)
12/24 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3D IMAX)

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10/02/15 - American Sniper
05/08/2015 - Terminator Genisys
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Reserving my spot

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14/1 Kingsman: The Secret Service I managed to get tickets for a regional premier on at the same time as the Worldwide premier... really enjoyed this high octane picture which deftly mixed the (often very violent) action, rather large amounts of realistic swearing and dark humour elements - I would say this is much more akin to Kick-Ass in tone than any of the 'Young James Bond' type films... Not having read the source material, and from the trailers I was expecting more of a 'strong 12', whereas I would say it's right on the edge of an 18 for the violence, in places (only missing it because of the lack of sex/nudity... and even then there's "that" gag - you'll know it when you see it). IMO a great evening's entertainment for the appropriate age group ****

20/5 Avengers: Age of Ultron A superb entry into the Marvel Comic Universe series, good plot, great set pieces which gave everyone a chance to shine, action which didn't let up, decent-ish 3D (though not necessary as it's quite mild), enjoyable character interaction and even some very moving acting (almost all by Ruffalo) at times... I enjoyed it from start to finish (even the maybe over-heavy CGI bits - well; I wasn't expecting flying Gods, AI robots and genetically enhanced soldiers to be done with non-CGI... they tried in the 70s and it was utter rubbish)... if you liked the first Avengers movie, I reckon you'll like this one just as much as long as you aren't 'Superheroed out'.... which I'm not! ****1/2

30/6 Jurassic World The basic plot is what you'd expect (of course), leaning heavily back to the magnificent first in the franchise but they do put in a few clever twists/new ideas to keep  things fresh which worked well... it moves at a pretty cracking pace but still gives time for the characters to be developed and 'breathe' (as much ass they need to). The effects (both CGI and animatronic) are as impressive as you'd hope for and expect and the set action pieces are exciting and well shot (though I spotted a few ideas stolen from other films). All in all a more than worthy adition to the Jurassic franchise; significantly superior to the two earlier sequels to the original Jurassic Park and likely to result in its own sequels given that amazing box office opening weekend... I can only hope they don't let it down. Overall a great, fun action movie... with cool dinosaurs (and who doesn't like dinosaurs?) ****

30/7 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Much better (in my opinion) than the poor reviews and poor box office figures might imply. Maybe the audience was targeted poorly given it's so long since the original series so it's hard to work out who this would be aimed at (especially as it was left in it's original time period rather than brought into the modern era like Mission: Impossible) but whatever the reason a lot of people missed out on an exciting clever and often humorous action thriller. I would say Henry Cavill captured the suave Napoleon Solo brilliantly and with a good match to Robert Vaughn in the 60s series, though Armie Hammer's interpretation of Illya Kuryakin as an unstoppable powerhouse with barely controlled rage seemed a rather different (though interesting) interpretation compared to David McCullum's deliberately 'mysterious and brooding' whilst still dangerous style... not bad different but maybe something to put off some purists who would have been part of the target audience. So, though it doesn't match the original series as much as it might, a good plot, some clever twists, fine action set pieces, superb villainess, beautiful cinematography and attention to 60s period detail (bringing the erato life) and nicely timed humour make this one well worth a watch if you missed it at the cinema; you maybe pleasantly surprised, especially if you try to avoid too much expectation of what you think it will be like and just sit back and enjoy... ****

21/11 SPECTRE Another great Daniel Craig Bond movie with lovely, clever references back to the early films integrated with the Bond back-story. Great action and explosions as you’d expect… maybe not as fun as Skyfall but the plot had a lot less holes and I for one hope reports of Daniel stopping working on the franchise are exaggerated as this one proves he has plenty more to give… ****

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