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Common name Whit(by) Hertford
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorbbbbb
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Quoting Deacon78:
Let's find out the common Name for Whit(by) Hertford.

Whitby Hertford
Taking Care of Business  confirmed by T!M

T!M confirmed Whitby Herford

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Quoting bbbbb:
T!M confirmed Whitby Herford

Seems I made a typo in that post - not in my profile, though. Apparently I was so focussed on the Whit vs. Whitby difference, that I didn't pay enough attention to spelling his last name right when confirming the credit in this thread. Nothing to get too upset about, though. Anyway - let's update the list:

Whit Hertford  13 titles, 11 confirmed

- Break
- Dark Reel  confirmed by Sidrat
- Glee: The Complete First Season  confirmed by me
- Hit List  confirmed by AiAustria
- How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Season 5  confirmed by me
- Jurassic Park  confirmed by me
- Mad: Season One  confirmed by AiAustria
- Moving McAllister  confirmed by T!M
- Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy  confirmed by AiAustria
- Psych: The Complete Sixth Season  confirmed by AiAustria
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Three  confirmed by huskerpsorts
- The Ben Stiller Show  confirmed by SoylentDave
- The Pink Conspiracy

Whitby Hertford  13 titles, 10 confirmed

- A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child  confirmed by me
- Batman: The Animated Series: Volume Three  confirmed by AiAustria
- Full House: The Complete Third Season  confirmed by SoylentDave
- Jonny's Golden Quest  confirmed by AiAustria
- Mikey  confirmed by SwissFilm
- My Summer Story
- Poltergeist II  confirmed by SwissFilm
- Pro Stars: Slam Dunking with the Airman
- Taking Care of Business  confirmed by T!M
- The Addams Family  confirmed by SwissFilm
- The Land Before Time III: The Time Of The Great Giving  confirmed by AiAustria
- The Twilight Zone: Season 1
- Tiny Toon Adventures: Looney Links!  confirmed by AiAustria

As it stands, this seems like it might end up with 13 titles for both name variants, in which case the larger number of profiles would act as the tiebreaker. Then, with 130+ profiles for 'Jurassic Park', Whit Hertford would win out.
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