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Contribution comments for [4006680081052.5] (Locked)
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorbbbbb
on steroids
Registered: March 14, 2007
Posts: 5,734
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Initial Contribution. Some first data from distributor's site "", incl. Release Date and UPC. Disc ID Profiler read-out.

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Profile Contribution Approved 2016-09-17 14:32:31

Image Contribution Approved 2016-09-17 14:32:31

Don't confuse while the film is playing with when the film is played. [Ken Cole, DVD Profiler Architect]
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributoremmeli
Registered: June 26, 2013
Reputation: High Rating
Germany Posts: 694
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added studios as credited.
added features as present on disc.
corrected overview.
cover from own blu-ray.
Cast/Crew from: end credit.

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Profile Contribution Approved 2017-02-16 05:59:50

Image Contribution Approved 2017-02-16 05:59:50

the real BirthYear OverView
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributormeyerd
Registered: March 15, 2007
Germany Posts: 19
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New cover scans:
- front sharper
- back with correct ean and better crop

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Profile Contribution Approved 2018-03-20 21:28:20

Image Contribution Approved 2018-03-20 21:28:20

DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile RegistrantStar ContributorAiAustria
Profiling since 2004
Registered: May 19, 2007
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Austria Posts: 5,312
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Common name for Lon Bender added.

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Profile Contribution Approved 2018-12-01 18:27:06

Complete list of Common Names  •  A good point for starting with Headshots (and v11.1)
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