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Ignorance is bliss
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorAlunH
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Quoting CubbyUps:
Quoting AlunH:

What we really need is a two-tier checking system for a complete cast list which, when verified, is shared across every UPC of that release across all regions.  User DarthFather, for instance, has just put a lot of effort into completing the listing for season five of Elementary.  If a second checker could verify it, there should be away to copy that information immediately across all releases and regions for the series.  That's the one thing that would save time.

Would that be a screener or do you think something like that should be voted on by us, the users?

If voted on my the users, then I guess which one got the most votes as being the most complete and/or error free would be the chosen one to be the basis for all releases.

But one question that arises, how often should something like that be voted on. Just once, or again after a year or so?

I was just coming up with an idea that I hadn't really thought through properly.

But let's take any random film as an example.  If I submit a complete cast list for Casablanca, it's going to be the same in every territory in which it's released.  The cast hasn't changed.  (One exception would be for local dubbing, I suppose, if we want to credit those people.  Why we'd want to credit them is beyond me, given that we don't credit the names of the people who give us the subtitles and they're usually credited as such.  I don't see much difference between dubbing and subtitles, but I digress...)

So if the cast hasn't changed for an American release of Casablanca, or a British one, or a French one - why not just use the same listing for every entry in the database?  If a person with a  track record of reliable submissions has come up with it, then either a screener or - and again this is only an idea - maybe even another user who has been reliable with their contributions.  I already know who I consider to be reliable contributors, because I see their names daily when I'm voting on suggested changes.  A lot of people may not post on the boards much, but I know who the reliable users are because I see their names all the time.  I also know who the people are who vote regularly for other changes, and are polite enough to give feedback.

It's possible that I might recognise an uncredited extra in Casablanca (or someone on a commentary track might point them out), in which case submit them.  But surely it makes sense to submit them to all profiles in all localities?

Surfeur51 - I can guarantee that the cast lists for the vast majority of DVDs/BDs in my collection are far, far more accurate than the ones held by the DVD.  And just because something isn't yet perfect doesn't mean that we shouldn't carry on doing our best to make it so.

(Also - as I'm the only person in the world who's submitted full casts and crew for several seasons of various foreign TV series - Engrenages being one just off the top of my head - I can confirm that every episode listed at the IMDb had at least one mistake.  In my experience, the IMDb is far from being generally correct.)
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorKathy
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I'm afraid these issues, and different ways of fixing them, have been going on for years.

People have submitted ideas that were very developed, had people interested, but invelos' did not weigh in or comment on any of the plans.

There is even a Contribution Rules Committee link on forums page (http://invelos.com/Forums.aspx)

Seldom, if anything gets addressed even on that thread. People discuss topics and, almost without exception, the topic is dropped with nothing accomplished.

Based on passed history, discussing these issues is a exercise in futility. I don't bother coming up with ideas that invelos' will never develop.
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