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Tool: ProfileMerge
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This is a little console application that I wrote for my own use. I don't think very many of you will be interested in it, but I thought I'd tell you about it just in case.

How I use it
I work a lot with export files (as most of you probably realize by now). After I have done a full audit of one or more profiles I like to have my master export file updated. But a full export of my collection takes an irritatingly long 4 minutes. Doesn't sound like much, but when you're sitting looking at the progress bar creeping along, it is a long time.

So, with this program I can flag the profiles that I have updated, export just the flagged profiles, and then merge them into my master export file.

To make it really easy, I have created an run-on-demand event in DvdpScheduler that runs two tasks; export flagged and then ProfileMerge. So with just one click it takes about 20 seconds instead of 4 minutes to update my master export file.

This is really only useful if you have a large collection and do a lot of profile editing. I'm not sure if there are any users that are as crazy about having the export file up to date as I am, so I haven't bothered to create a web page for this program. If anyone wants it, please contact me.
My freeware tools for DVD Profiler users.
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