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How to Update a Custom Entry
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Registered: July 12, 2016
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Sometimes new titles are not in the database, when I want to add them to my collection. I create a custom entry with the title and the EAN code. Of cource covers etc. are missing in these profiles. Often some times later there will be an offical profile of that title. Is it possible to synchronize my iPhone profile with the offical database enty? I mean that my custom entry will be changed to the offical entry?

Thanks for help and kind regards.
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DVD Profiler for iOS offers a very small feature set.  There's also no suitable way to backup/restore the database residing on your iOS device locally.  As such, I only use the app to view my collection.  Any changes to my database I make exclusively from DVD Profiler for PC, then bringing the change down to DVD Profiler for iOS over my local network.  I also backup my local database on a regular basis keeping a copy in more than one place.  Following this approach I am not dependant on the Invelos online database for anything short of downloading a profile for the first time in the event I choose not to create the profile myself.

That being said, what you're looking to do can not be done from DVD Profiler for iOS.  It can be done very easily from DVD Profiler for PC however.  From DVD Profiler for PC you would just highlight the profile in question, then selecting the "Change UPC/Locality" option.  From there you'd be able to change the profile's ID from a "Manual ID" to one that uses the "UPC" or "Disc ID" instead.  If the "UPC" or "Disc ID" you set the profile to existed in the Invelos online database you'd then be able to fresh your local profile via the "Online/Refresh DVD from Invelos" option, so that it matched the official Invelos profile.
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