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2012 Theater Visits
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorcvermeylen
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21/01 - Groenten uit Balen
Story about a strike which lasted for 9 weeks in the early 70s , and how in impacts the lives of the people involved. Well made and entertaining.
09/02 - Purgatory
After being locked up for several years for murder, a girl is released from an institution. She moves back into her old appartment. Soon, mysterious things start happening. Rather boring.
11/02 - War Horse
Spielberg's take on World War I, tells the tale through a horse's journey during the war. It wasn't bad, but it could have used a faster pace. At times there wasn't a lot going on.
15/02 - Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
The rendition in 3D was rather unsuccesful. Either there wasn't a 3D feel, or when there was a 3D feel, the background was so blurred, causing too much loss of detail.
25/02 - This Means War
Two CIA agents fall for the same girl, and try to outdo each other. Fun!
10/03 - John Carter (3D
A civil war vet is magically transported to Mars and finds himself in the middle of a war. It wasn't bad, but somehow, I expected more.
23/03 - The Hunger Games - Every year a boy and a girl of each of 12 provinces is selected for a fight to the death. I loved it, although I wouldn't have minded if the intro was made 20 minutes shorter.

XXXth Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
05/04 - The Raven - Story about Edgar Allan Poe. Not a whole lot happened in this movie.
06/04 - The Divide - Follwing an nuclear strike, a bunch of people in an appartment building lock themselves in the cellar. Interesting pitch, but the movie was too long and became boring
07/04 - Lockout - The President's daughter has been captured as a hostage during a prison break in an earth orbit prison. Fun entertaining mainstream sci-fi action.
08/04 - The Woman - A man captures a wild woman in the woods, locks her in her cellar and tries to domesticate her. Interesting finale, but the movie took forever getting there. This story had more potential.
09/04 - The Whistleblower - A policeofficer transfers to the UN troups in Bosnia. She discovers UN soldiers are involved in human trafficing, and decides to blow the whistle. This movie could have used a faster pace, and a few explicit shots. Now it's just an average weekend film.
11/04 - Lobos de Arga - A writer returns to his home village to get a reward. He discovers the real reason for his return, is to and a 100 year old werewolf curse. Nice mix of humor, suspense and gore.
12/04 - Killer Joe - The son of a disfunctional family comes home with a plan to have their mother killed to collect the insurance money. A fun black comedy.
12/04 - Juan de los Muertos - A group of 6 survivors amidst a Zombie plague in Cuba decide to offer a service to clean up your loved ones for a fee. Original take on the Zombie theme.
13/04 - The Incident - Members of a band work as cooks in mental facility to pay the bills. When the power goes down, the patients run amok and kill the guards. Boring.
13/04 - Extraterrestre - A guy and a girl wake up after a night of fun, and find the town empty. Above the city is a large UFO. When a neighbor and the girl's boyfriend appear, they have to hide they slept together. Nothing much happens in this movie.
17/04 - The Cabin in the Woods - 5 friends plan a vacation in a remote cabin in the woods. They become trapped in an evil plot. Not bad, but it's a movie with ups and downs

05/05 - The Avengers - Not bad, but I need another viewing to form an opinion.
11/05 - American Reunion - A missed opportunity. Too many new characters adding nothing to the story, and a lot of original characters getting 1 line of dialogue. It did have it's moments. But too many scenes were unfunny and didn't work.

65 Festival de Cannes - Le Marché du Film
16/05 - Zombibi - When 4 guys wake up in jail, the town is suffering from a zombie plague. Very entertaining
16/05 - Detention of the Dead - Beverly Hills 90210 with zombies. It had it's moments but as a whole, it fell a bit short
16/05 - Excision - Story about a girl and her ill sister. The girl who is somewhat of an outcast in school, wants to become a surgeon. She has arty-farty dreams of being a surgeon. Strange but interesting movie with a non-mainstream ending
18/05 - 6 Plots - A girl wakes up after a party, and finds her 6 friends missing. She discovers they are all locked away in boxes. They will all die, unless she can solve the mystery. Intelligent thriller with an oversimplified ending.

10/06 - Prometheus - Although it is claimed not to be an Alien prequel, for me it definitely is, when I briefly noticed Jerry Goldsmith's theme in the music. The movie itself was above average in my opinion.
22/06 - Rock of Ages - Broadway rendition of the hardrock metal scene in the late 80s. A very enjoyable movie driven by a killer soundtrack.
29/06 - Snow White and the Huntsman - Extremely boring, and Charlize Theron gave a very obnoxious performance in this one. But hey, the seven dwarfs were there, all eight of 'em 
23/07 - The Dark Knight Rises - Not bad, but do these movies actually need to run 168 minutes. Make it at least 30 minutes shorter and you get a much better paced movie.
01/09 - The Expendables 2 - I liked the first one better. But it was still fun, and it had great oneliners.
14/09 - The Bourne Legacy - Jason Bourne sequel without the Bourne character. Not the reboot of the franchise I'd hoped. It still has action and intrigue, but somehow there is something missing.
12/10 - The Broken Circle Breakdown - It's about a couple losing their child to cancer, and how it affects their lifes. Strong performances, and a very catching story.
26/10 - Taken 2 - A CIA operative and his wife are taken prisoner by the father of kidnapper, who got killed while rescuing his daughter. Not as strong as the first, but still a good action thriller.
05/11 - Skyfall - The latest Bond. It's totally different from the previous ones.
23/11 - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - If they would cut up part 1 & 2 into a 2 hour movie, they'd have one hell of a movie
14/12 - [b]The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey[/] - Welcome back to Middle Earth
29/12 - The Impossible - Captivating story of a family in Thailand during the Tsunami.
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorbbbbb
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reserving a spot

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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorEagle
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Registered: March 15, 2007
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1/13 - Beauty and the Beast (3D)*
1/14 - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (IMAX - second viewing, this time with the wife)*
2/7 - Act of Valor (advance promotional screening)
2/10 - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (3D RPX)^
2/18 - The Secret World of Arrietty*
3/31 - The Lorax*
4/13 - The Cabin in the Woods*
4/28 - The Pirates! Band of Misfits*
5/7 - The Avengers (3D)*
5/12 - The Hunger Games*
5/23 - Battleship*
6/9 - Prometheus (3D baby-IMAX)*
6/17 - Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted^
6/28 - Snow White and the Huntsman*
7/1 - Rock of Ages*
7/4 - Brave*
7/15 - The Amazing Spider-Man (3D IMAX)*
7/22 - The Dark Knight Rises (IMAX)*
7/28 - Ice Age: Continental Drift*
8/3 - Total Recall*
8/16 - Jaws~
8/30 - The Goonies~
9/5 - Ted*
9/8 - The Expendables 2*
9/15 - Finding Nemo (3D)*
9/27 - Resident Evil: Retribution (3D)*
11/3 - Wreck-It Ralph*
12/1 - Rise of the Guardians*
12/15 - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D IMAX)*
12/18 - Red Dawn*
12/22 - Monsters Inc (3D)*

* free pass from FX Has the Movies    ^ admitted for free by theater management  ~ free classic film series
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorjadedoz2007
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03/03/2012 - The Muppets
11/03/2012 - The Devil Inside
27/05/2012 - The Dictator
07/07/2012 - Ted
22/07/2012 - Snow White and the Huntsman
24/08/2012 - The Bourne Legacy
14/10/2012 - Mental
04/11/2012 - Housos vs Authority
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Actual Visits

1/6 - Girl With Dragon Tattoo. Loved it. My wife says it was very true to the book. Definitely getting the BD of this one.
1/8 - Sherlock Holmes (thanks Kathy!). Slow start, but finally loved it. Will also get the BD on this. Sound effects were awesome, including the classical music excerpts.
2/11 - Red Tails. Fanciful and patriotic portrayal of an important part of American History. Will also get this on Blu-Ray.
3/10 - Gone. Not bad. There was a potential for more powerful acting here. Enjoyable nonetheless, and it was nice to see some lesser known actors get a shot.
5/6 - Avengers. Stupendous. See it in Imax if you can.
6/14 - Prometheus. Good fun. Awesome LFE. Story and acting are a bit weak. 3D effects did not stress my eyes.
11/?? - Battleship
12/?? - Lincoln
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29/4 Avengers Assemble - Just superb; pretty much everything they were trying to set up with the previous films and achieve when they combined the characters worked out beautifully ****1/2
19/5 Safe - Slow start which was trying to hard to set the 'depressed background for the lead character' but Statham doesn't 'do' depressed really... when it got going though it was all action violent fun! ***1/2
26/5 Dark Shadows - I enjoyed it; not great; pacing and balance of humour and violence somewhat off-kilter, plot basis sketchy with logic, but overall very pleasant afternoon at the movies and a thoroughly enjoyable Depp performance... **1/2
17/6 Prometheus - Too many plot holes leading to inconsistencies but exciting and enjoyable nonetheless with good tension and subtly used 3D ***1/2
8/7 The Amazing Spider-Man - Good reboot, though obviously having to re-tell the origin was predictable. Well acted, good SFX and fun... nicely sets up for the next one which won't have to spend time on the origins again so will have time to address some of the new backstory elements which weren't resolved here ***1/2
22/7 The Dark Knight Rises - Excellent finalé to the trilogy; the 2 3/4 hours mostly sped by with just the right balance of darkness, emotion, action and plot. Ending a little 'twee' for the dark series but I loved it so maybe that was the right choice at the right time... oh, and this will give your sub-woofer a real workout! ****1/2
14/8 The Bourne Legacy - A bit slow to start though picks up the aciton later on. Clever integration with the last Bourne film but lacking that 'spark' and feeling too much like just being a set up for the next one... and ends very abruptly! Decent action/thriller but think the next one will be better ***1/2
19/8 The Expendables 2 - Action, explosions and blood.. and more explosions... and blood; just what it promised and it delivered... some good one liners and "in-jokes" on past performances, enough plot to keep things moving along and overall a great time at the cinema ****
26/8 Top Gun - Special 'one off' performance to celebrate the late Tony Scott's career... always loved this movie and this recent rewatch didn't disappoint. Still the best flying scenes ever, actors perfectly fitted to their roles and a fab (80s!) soundtrack hung on a story that works without being at all taxing. First time my wife has seen it and she enjoyed it too! ****1/2
9/9 Dredd - Against it there seems to be no major 'future' feel apart from the Judges and the Megablocks, but this does help to tie it into the 'known' and works well with the real violence and language (no "Drokk" here). Overall it captures the idea of a mega-violent MegaCity 1, and the Judges that have to deal with it, brilliantly and certainly doesn't shy away from any of the unpleasantness on screen that this requires... roll on getting $50M at the US box office so they will make the promised sequels it deserves! Oh, and Karl Urban *is* Dredd! ****
20/10 Looper - Clever and in many ways not at all what I predicted it would be like; dark almost to the point of disturbing in places, this has its flaws but hangs together as a satisfying whole by creating a superbly relatable and believable future populated with real people with real flaws and feelings. ****1/2
3/11 Skyfall - Maybe not "the best Bond ever" as some have touted; but it's pretty darned close! Explosive, spectacular, modern but still classic Bond... don't miss it! ****1/2
22/12 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Fantastic adaptation of the book, up there with the amazing Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not sure how they will make 3 films out of the novel but so far so good! ****
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